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The vinyl edition comes in only 500 copies. It includes a digital download of the full album + 11 bonus tracks. Get it now at the Frokost Music Tictail-store


If you have Spotify installed, you can hear the album here.


No record player? Download the album (+ bonus tracks) digitally in high-quality MP3s or lossless FLAC from Bandcamp. You can also find it at Google Play or iTunes, but be aware that the bonus tracks are not included when you buy from these two.


  • SIDE A
  • 1. Academy
  • 2. Too full of potential
  • 3. I thought of something else
  • 4. Film night
  • 5. On the brink
  • SIDE B
  • 6. Lonely town
  • 7. New job
  • 8. Honey honey honey
  • 9. Take your sorry ass to the movies
  • 10. Youth is wasted on the young
  • 11. Academy (draft)
  • 12. Too full of potential (draft)
  • 13. I thought of something else (alternative version)
  • 14. Film night (draft)
  • 15. On the brink (draft)
  • 16. Lonely town (draft)
  • 17. Lonely town (upbeat version)
  • 18. Lonely town (take 32)
  • 19. New job (draft)
  • 20. Honey honey honey (draft)
  • 21. Take your sorry ass to the movies
  • * The bonus tracks are part of the digital download included in the vinyl edition. If you are not buying the vinyl but still want to hear the bonus tracks, you must purchase the digital download from - they are not available on iTunes and not for streaming either.


Frokost is Mikkel and Tue. We are two guys from Denmark who have known each other since age 6. We grew up in the same town, went to the same schools, both had rye bread in our lunch boxes and crushes on the same girls. Mikkel was better at football, though Tue kicked harder. Frokost was formed in the early 90s together with Thomas on drums. We rehearsed in the music room on our high school. Already then, we would lead schizophrenic musical careeers, changing between bass and guitar and dreading the microphone.

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By now, we record our music at Mikkel's place - he is the guy with the things'n'the gear'n'stuff. If you would like to see how much we rock, you think of all the rock'n'roll mythology with its endless amounts of drugs, groupies, burning guitars, smashing guitars, smashing each other, weird sex, blood, weird hair, on-the-road craziness, arrests, douche managers and then forget all about it again. Frokost is coffee with hot milk, it's long talks, long walks, ice cream in the summer, mood swings in the winter, it's no touring, no hair, it's wives telling us to turn down the noise, it's kids in every corner, it's endless obsession with details, loops that could cause seizures, it's software acting out, it's typically on Sundays, it's pastry as reward. That's how we roll.